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Kayo Kennel
Warrior of the Lanka's working AmStaffs
Whitlow Kennel
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Esoteric AmStaffs
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Mythos k9s
DotCom AmStaffs
Tradewind kennels
Fraja ec AmStaff
Xpertise AmStaff kennel
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Emerald creek AmStaffs
Zaliamstaff kennel
Old-hickory kennel
Ambition AmStaffs
BuDulis kennel fci AmStaffs
Irresistibull staffords
Olmar kennels
Willynood AmStaffs
Michl R kennel
Titletown AmStaffs
Celtic AmStaffs
Blakjak AmStaffs
Rounders kennel
Tredanky AmStaffs
almaznogo ostrova
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JustLike AmStaffs
Blue Nile AmStaffs
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Liberty AmStaffs
AlpenGlow AmStaffs
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About me:

Hello! My name is Arielle and I am the owner and only person running Amstaff Ambassadors. I am a 18 Year old on the east coast of the United States of America. I was born and raised for 5 years in Yokosuka, Japan. My love for dog education and knowledge stemmed from my parents and the environment I was raised in. Growing up we had 3 American Staffordshire Terrier's (Although not well-bred, they were purebred). Kaine, Jesse, and Sargent were a foundation and fundamental to my appreciation and love for the breed. Sadly, they are long deceased but their legacy still remains strong by talking about them every chance I get.

As of my entire life I grew distant from the breed and was looking into other breeds and learning about dogs in general through books and credible websites. Only until sophomore year of high school did I reconnect with my love for Amstaffs. Though not a very strong connection at the time, they still were one of my favorites. Junior year it slowly intensified and now I am absolutely doing my best to work towards advocacy, better preservation (by spreading knowledge and supporting ethical breeders), and becoming an enthusiast on the breed.

Now this brings up the questions:

-Am I a credible source?
I would answer honestly and say, no, not yet. I am still learning myself. Though 2021 I am acquiring my own Amstaff, I still do not put myself as a credible source.

-How can I guarantee a person as young and new like you knows what they're talking about?
I cannot guarantee you anything, and you do not have to believe anything I have mentioned or shared on here. I would like to say, though, that I do get my information approved or from approved enthusiast or knowledgeable people of the breed. Given time, since we all start somewhere, I would like the chance to work my way up!

-What are your plans? What do you want to accomplish?
I would love to breed Amstaffs in the far future. If this cannot happen though, I would love to support preservationists and continue to spread knowledge either way. I would love to get my hands on Amstaffs of various lines, and observe their personalities and temperament. There are many other big plans, but that is for the future to tell.

Thank you for reading this! Enjoy my website and I hope it brought you some education on this wonderful, wonderful breed! :)